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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Corruption, criminalization behind Great RCI Whitewash of NRD, EC

by Joe Fernandez

COMMENT The National Registration Department (NRD) this week confiscated a MyKad (Malaysia Kad Akuan Diri) from an Indonesian, a voter in many Malaysian elections, at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the grounds that he was holding a forged document.  The local media went to town with the story.

The NRD definition of forged here at the RCI and in Court as in previous cases reads "not in the system". Not a word more than that uttered by the NRD, not a word less.

It's not about using a genuine document originating from the NRD in its blank state for fraudulent purposes.

The Indonesian was then escorted by the NRD to the Indonesian Consulate to get a passport instead of being dragged to Court for “stealing” a blank MyKad or corruptly/fraudulently accepting the same from the NRD and subsequently using it for fraudulent purposes with or without the knowledge of the authorities concerned. It’s the Court which should subsequently direct the Immigration Department to act on the case of the Indonesian PATAI (Pendatang Asing Tapi Ada IC) after the prison authorities take charge.

The NRD should be given a standing ovation and an Oscar for its three monkeys’ see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil performance at the RCI.

Double standards, selective persecution, selective prosecution

Why should the Indonesian Consulate issue a passport to a man if he has become stateless, i.e. if he entered Sabah with valid travel papers and over-stayed, and has been away from his country for decades?  If the Indonesian entered Sabah by the backdoor, he remains a citizen of his country, and may be entitled to obtain an Indonesian passport on “Indonesian soil” in diplomatic territory in Malaysia.

Why didn't the NRD likewise confiscate “in the media” the MyKads of the born again in Sabah PATAI Maimunah Curry House owner (the Tamil Nadu-born told the RCI, amidst laughter in the public gallery, that Musa Hitam was the Chief Minister of Sabah and that Nazeem was the Prime Minister of Malaysia) and the PATAI Pakistani who entered the state as a ten-year old to be born again? They confessed their sins before the RCI and the NRD pretended to be deaf, dumb and blind on their confessions. This smacks of “double standards”, although that’s not the term that applies when all those concerned are illegals. Selective persecution, if not selective prosecution, is another term which comes to mind.

Bank Negara should step in if the said trio -- the Indonesian, Indian and Pakistani -- have been operating bank accounts in Sabah when their MyKads are not listed in the NRD data bank. Their respective banks should be hauled up for breaking the laws.

These cases are the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The NRD tried to persuade the RCI that on average one forged MyKad is detected in Sabah every two weeks i.e. to portray the impression that the problem MyKads are in fact not a problem at all.

Many Filipino Christians in Sabah, for example, reportedly hold MyKads in “Muslim” names, issued directly or indirectly by the NRD. By and large, so the story goes, they faithfully turn up in Church every Sunday and other holy days of obligation. These Filipino Christians apparently include refugees from the southern Philippines who were made landless by rebel Muslim attacks on them in retaliation for migrating from the Christian north to their ancestral territory in the south and buying up land from the local Muslims who subsequently demanded their properties back when they in turn became landless.

NRD will deny under secrecy laws the role of the Prime Minister’s Office

It's clear, from the way that things are going, that the NRD will be whitewashed by the RCI which was supposed to hang like the proverbial Sword of Damocles over it.  The RCI will probably not recommend any Amnesty for the PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) which includes the PATAI in Sabah. An Amnesty would force them to come clean through police reports to report their presence and./or surrender their “Malaysian” documents to obtain Special Passes in return from the Immigration Department to temporarily regularise their stay in the country.

The NRD will deny the suspected existence of a secret parallel data bank on illegals in Putrajaya under the purview of successive Prime Ministers.

The purpose of the secret data bank would be to whitewash the 3rd and subsequent generations of illegal immigrants and enter them in the NRD data bank. The law is clear: once an illegal, always an illegal, no matter how many generations.

No one can obtain citizenship in defiance of the Federal Constitution. That applies as well to the PTI and PATAI, who certainly cannot be listed in the NRD data bank, and their keturunan.

Again, the PATAI and their keturunan are reportedly listed in the secret data bank in Putrajaya to facilitate the transfer of the names of the 3rd Generation onwards to the NRD data bank in order to change the demography of Sabah and steal the country from its people, under the COFFIN concept, for the greater glory of Ketuanan Melayu (Malay political supremacy and dominance), a sick combination of Rule by Law, Nazism, Fascism, Apartheid, socialism, communism, militant Islam, political Islam and the evil caste system, preached to the Malay-speaking communities in Malaya i.e. Bugis, Javanese, Minang, Acehnese and other Muslims whether from Nusantara or elsewhere. COFFIN stands for “Citizens” Originating From Foreign Illegal Nationals, the thesis statement driving the secret data bank in Putrajaya. The COFFIN concept has been designed to put Sabahans in the coffin and bury them for good.

No one is above the law and that includes a government.

Again, the RCI will fizzle out into a great whitewash of the NRD and the EC.

So far, no 3rd Generation PATAI has turned up at the RCI to come clean on Projek IC. Only the PATAI who are “not listed” in the NRD data bank have turned up to give their pathetic eyewash of evidence.

So, it's easy for the NRD to dismiss such witnesses by trotting out the standard line in Court when a PATAI MyKad is referred to them for verification: "Tidak dalam sistem kami." They don't admit that the document itself in a blank state originated from the NRD since that would open up Pandora’s Box.

EC a pack of excuses, electoral rolls can be easily cleaned up

The NRD wants to create the impression through the RCI that the MyKads of the 1st and 2nd Generation PATAI are the work of forgers, syndicates -- how did they get their hands on blank MyKads from the NRD? -- and/or rogue elements at the NRD doing a little illegal business on the sideline to make some money for themselves.

The electoral rolls meanwhile can be easily cleaned up if the Election Commission (EC) is online to the NRD. The EC, a pack of excuses, is indulging in the politics of distraction and disruption by claiming that “the re-registration of voters” would be messy.

To purge the NRD data bank of the 3rd and subsequent generations of PATAI, there should be verification with the MyKads of the parents and grandparents of the 3rd Generation. That would set off a chain reaction which would affect the 4th and subsequent generations of illegals in Sabah. That would put the COFFIN in the coffin.

It’s not difficult to understand that it would be claimed in defence that rogue elements are or may be running amok at the NRD and EC if it’s alleged that both bodies are swamped by corruption and criminalization. The true definition of corruption is “making things that anyone touches go bad” and not just confined to giving and taking money illegally.

The rot at the NRD and EC begins with the police force which does not enforce the laws and/or is not in a position to enforce the laws. Non-enforcement of a law is equivalent to the law being dead, there being no law, null and void, and clearly demonstrating that the law does not exist although it’s in the books in letter.

Because of the apparently increasing corruption and criminalization of our society in recent years, an image is emerging in the eyes of the world that there has been increasing corruption and criminalization of our police force as well.

The public perception in Malaysia too is that the police are nothing more than criminals in uniform.

Something must be done fast to arrest the deteriorating image of the police, if not the situation in the force, to restore public confidence in this once great institution which knew how and where to draw a line between it and the likes of Bentong Kali, Botak Chin, Geng Mamak and two-bit politicians who are nothing more than scoundrels of the highest order.

The situation in the police force has become intolerable

The rot in the police force was confirmed for the entire world to see when a serving Inspector General of Police (IGP) gave a just-sacked Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, more than a black eye.

It has been more than a decade since that notorious incident and there are no indications that the situation in the police force has since turned around for the better. Indeed, the police are happily beating the shit out of detainees in their custody when not beating a confession out of them or beating them to death in extra-judicial measures. Lying in ambush and killing suspects in cold blood is another favourite extra-judicial measure employed by the police.

Evidently, the situation in the police continues to deteriorate and at an alarming rate.

The key to resolving the dilemma is to re-train, better train and constantly re-train the police while putting in adequate internal and external controls on the force.

The police would then be in a situation to be better able to help arrest the increasing corruption and criminalization of society.

Salvation for the people of Sabah and Sarawak can only come through them capturing the moral high ground on Malaysia. They should not look to traitors in the form of the local proxies, stooges, rogue elements and moles of Putrajaya and the Malayan Opposition.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Najib cannot be faulted for the continuing political instability

 by Joe Fernandez

COMMENT Even in those countries where the Government has popular support, they cannot just simply wag their tails. The people and the media will not stand for it.

In Malaysia, the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) obtained only 47 per cent of the votes cast. If all eligible voters are tallied, this 47 per cent shrinks even further to about 25 per cent. BN won its first 112 seats with just 20 per cent of the votes cast. If all eligible voters are tallied, the 20 per cent shrinks to less than 10 per cent of the eligible voters for the first 112 seats.

That's weaker than weak.

The BN getting 133 seats in Parliament means nothing.

If 23 BN MPs were to flee and form a separate block, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t to save their political future, the ruling coalition will fall from power. It’s a fact that aspiring candidates among Malays don’t see any point in placing their hopes in Umno where some old fogies and veterans rule the roost.

Politics -- restructuring of political power, and restructuring the allocation of resources -- is the art of the possible, not indulging in wishful thinking and living on hope.

It's all about making history, not watching history happen.

The Malaysian Government, being in a weak position, is in no position to wag its tail. However, old habits die hard.

Sometimes, things happen for no rhyme or reason.

This is one of those moments in time.

Events have taken on a life of their own and are in control. There's no other way to explain the Blackout 505 crowds that turn out. A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by external forces.

The 47 per cent that voted for BN, the rural masses, prefer to stand by and watch history being made. Again, the Law of Inertia is at work.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak cannot be faulted for the continuing political instability in Malaysia. He's a victim of circumstances. Besides, he’s fighting for his political life.

The longer that a ruling party/coalition stays in power and enforces a kind of artificial stability, the longer the period of instability that follows when such a party falls from power.

Consider the fate of the USSR after 70 years of communist party rule, Yugoslavia after 50 years of Tito, Indonesia after 33 years of Suharto, and the Philippines after 20 years of Marcos.

The BN has been in power 56 years.

Mahathir Mohamad alone was in office 22 years, too long for any one person to be in power.

His departure had seen Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his successor, being severely tested in the ensuing instability and hounded out of office after seven years.  Mahathir himself played a key role in fomenting this instability.

Badawi completed two years of Mahathir's term, won his own mandate for four years and had to resign after a year into his second term.

Najib faces the same fate. He completed four years of Badawi's second term and has just begun his second term. It will be extremely tough for him to last as long as even Badawi did in office.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah may be about reviving the old Umno and burying Mahathir's Umno Baru. This will be his last chance.

He was denied the opportunity to be Prime Minister in 1987 when Judge Harun Hashim, a Malayalee Muslim like Mahathir, declared Umno unlawful instead of discounting the illegal votes and handing him the party presidency.

When I wrote not so long ago about Razaleigh being the Prime Minister, everybody laughed at me.

Now the issue has surfaced as a serious possibility.

If Parti Rakyat Sarawak (6), Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (4) and Sabah (10) seats get together with Razaleigh (10) seats, this 3rd Force with 30 seats can form the Federal Government with Pakatan Rakyat (89) ... Dap 38, PKR 30, Pas 21.

The Najib faction should throw its support behind Razaleigh so that it can live to fight another day. In 1987, it was Najib who betrayed Razaleigh in his bid for the Umno presidency after he was waylaid by Mahathir operatives. It’s time to make amends.

Ku Li eyes PM post, meeting more MPs, say sources

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sabah, Sarawak activists want to restore sovereignty

Joint Press Statement by Sarawak Sovereignty Movement (SSM) and Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation (BOPIM)

It was unanimously resolved by both SSM and BOPIM in Kuching on Tuesday 11 June, 2013 to strategize on how best Sabah and Sarawak can restore their sovereignty of 31 Aug, 1963 and 22 July, 1963 respectively.

At the same time, they want to explore the nature of the relationship that both Sabah and Sarawak should have with Malaya after the restoration of their sovereignty.

One idea is that when it comes to Sabah and Sarawak, the Federal Government should confine itself to Defence, Foreign Affairs and National Economic Planning but not for an indefinite period of time.

This is an opportune year for both NGO's to commence pursuing this matter since it marks the 50th year of the Malaysia Agreement had there been a Referendum on Malaysia in Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Malaya.

In the absence of a Referendum, the Government in Putrajaya/Kuala Lumpur saw no reason to comply with the Malaysia Agreement. The Cobbold Commission must not be seen as a Referendum but rather open British and Malayan defiance of the United Nation’s Protocols on Decolonization.

There’s no Constitution for Malaysia either.

Instead, the codified Constitution of Malaya is being passed off as the Constitution of Malaysia and the Federation of Malaya is masquerading as the Constitution of Malaysia.

Sabah and Sarawak are being referred to as the 12th and 13th states after the departure of Singapore which saw the definition of Federation in the Constitution being amended against them.

In short, 16 Sept, 1963 became the day that Malaya occupied Sabah and Sarawak. It can be resolved that Sept 16, Malaysia Day, must henceforth be observed as Occupation Day. It’s a day of mourning when the flags of Sabah and Sarawak must be flown at half-mast and the people wear black bands on their arms.

The restoration of sovereignty will bring immense benefits to both Sabah and Sarawak.

For starters, it will help resolve the burning issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah in particular and their presence on the electoral rolls. It’s an open secret that these illegal immigrants and other foreigners have also been handed MyKads meant for citizens by operation of law.

The continued occupation of Sabah and Sarawak by Malaya, if not reversed, will only result in the people in general and the Orang Asal in particular losing their countries to the illegal immigrants.

The restoration of sovereignty will also help the two Nations in Borneo to realize their full potential in every field of human endeavour.

We need look no further than Singapore and Brunei to realize what the restoration of sovereignty would mean. Both countries, one left Malaysia after two years and the other stayed out at the 11th hour, are light years ahead of Sabah and Sarawak.

At present, as announced by the World Bank in Kota Kinabalu in Dec 2010, Sabah and Sarawak are the poorest parts of Malaysia. Sabah is the poorest with Sarawak being a distant 2nd poorest.

Having failed to squat on Singapore, Malaysia is squatting on Sabah and Sarawak.

Joint Statement by;

Datuk Murshidi Abdul Rahman
Chairman, Sarawak Sovereignty Movement (SSM)

Daniel John Jambun
President, UK-based Borneo's Plight in Malaysia Foundation (BOPIM)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Apologists for the system in the wake of GE13 are anachronisms

by Joe Fernandez

COMMENT The apologists for the system in the wake of GE13 are anachronisms who refuse to see the writing on the wall.

I would define a racist as one who tries to deny others -- read Umno -- their place in the sun. There could be any number of reasons.

Umno's racism is of the sapu bersih opportunist kind which includes squatting on others. Malaysia, after having failed to squat on Singapore, is squatting on Sabah and Sarawak. Consider the fact that the World Bank declared in Dec 2010 in Kota Kinabalu that  the two Nations in Borneo were the poorest in Malaysia. Sabah is the poorest. Earlier, the World Bank also warned that Sabah was chasing its tail on poverty eradication because of the continuing influx of illegal immigrants

For example, why isn't there even one non-Malay VC among the 20-odd Government-owned universities? So, we don't need to humour such buggers and engage in the humbuggery of having a "civilized debate" with them. They are probably hooting with laughter behind our backs as we engage in this so-called civilized debate with them.

Ex-Navy man and malaysiakini columnist Thaya Param is wasting his time in fighting an increasingly losing battle on land. The apologists will never concede defeat. That's like asking them to eat their own sh.t. We should be telling these buggers to FO and stay that way and don't bother about proving to us that they are civilized. Intellectually, they are yet to shed their tails and come down from the trees to find their way on the ground. Thaya's fellow columnist Terence Netto has wised up a long time ago and says nothing and means nothing even as he churns out  some 20-odd pieces a month while struggling not to see the forest for the trees. He worships the very ground that Anwar Ibrahim, his great hero, walks on.

By the same token, someone who fights for his place in the sun -- read Hindraf Makkal Sakthi -- cannot be termed a racist.

Having said that, let's explore the issue of "Chinese tsunami" raised by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak when explaining in Bugisthink why the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) could only manage to win 133 seats in Parliament during GE13 on May 5 or 505.

It's an undeniable fact that many eligible voters among the Chinese not only registered but turned up to vote and when they did, they were against the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Gerakan and the Sarawak United People's Party (Supp), all lapdogs of Umno and the Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB). It's the right of the Chinese to vote for whomever they wish. Umno cannot refer to the refusal of the Chinese to vote for Chinese parties in BN as indication of their betrayal of the Malays (actually meaning Umno). Pas is Muslim and Malay, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is Malay-led and Malay-based and there are many Malays in the Democratic Action Party (Dap).

At the same time, it seems that many eligible Malays not only did not register as voters and where they did, many did not turn up on 505 to cast their votes. This shows that many Malays have given up on politics and the system of political parties as an exercise in futility. They may have been influenced at the same time by the Talibanist line of thinking that democracy is unIslamic.

Also, to be considered is the fact that any aspiring young Malay politician today has no place in Umno which is dominated by the old fogies and veterans who are into mini dynasty building. Outside the dynasties, there's a long queue of ever hopeful people waiting to be candidates so that they can get their hands on a share of the loot. So, this group will naturally gravitate eventually in frustration towards Pas, PKR and Dap in that order to be fielded as candidates. In 2008, some of these people thought that they could frog over to BN for a share of the spoils of office, after winning on an Opposition ticket, and get away with it. GE13 proved them wrong. The sky is the limit for a Malay who joins Dap. Eventually, there would be more Malay than Chinese MPs in Dap. There's nothing PKR and Pas can do to prevent this.

In reality, the Umno-dominated BN has no political ideology and is bogged down by the ruling elite's `"Cina ini, Cina itu" mindset based on "jealousy of the Chinese, in particular of those in business". This is their recipe for plunder. Umno is driven by ketuanan Melayuism, a sick combination of Apartheid, Nazism, Fascism, communism, militant Islam, political Islam, and the caste system a la feudalism.  Behind this facade, the ruling elite is busy running up the National Debt Burden to facilitate their plundering of the National Treasury to feather their own nests under the guise of bringing so-called development to the people.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), an Umno in the making, is driven by greed, jealousy and revenge against Umno. Anwar Ibrahim's highest ambition is to get Umno MPs to cross over to his party so that it can replace Umno to promote ketuanan Melayuism.

Both Umno and PKR are determined to maintain the current political system in Sabah and Sarawak  made up of the proxies of Putrajaya, their (the proxies') stooges and Putrajaya's rogue elements who are used for issuing MyKads (meant for citizens by operation of law) to illegal immigrants and other foreigners and entering their names on the electoral rolls.

Pas is into political Islam and obsessed with hudud and an Islamic state.

Dap is for secular politics free of race.

The electoral system is loaded against the Opposition.

The GE13 results shows that BN won 112 parliamentary seats with only 20 per cent of the votes cast, and another 21 seats with 27 per cent of the votes cast.

Umno and PBB talk about embracing change.

What they actually mean is self-preservation i.e. the more that things appear to change, the more they remain the same.

The change that the people want is one which involves the Opposition seizing the reins of power in Putrajaya.

It's time after 56 years of BN rule for the Opposition to form the Government and conduct due diligence of Umno. The people have a right to know the truth of those 56 years.